What is a permalink?

Short for "permanent link." A permalink is a URL that links to a specific news story or Web posting. Permalinks are most commonly used for blogs, which are frequently changed and updated. They give a specific Web address to each posting, allowing blog entries to be bookmarked by visitors or linked to from other websites.

Because most blogs are published using dynamic, database-driven Web sites, they do not automatically have Web addresses associated with them. For example, a blog entry may exist on a user's home page, but the entry may not have its own Web page, ending in ".html," ".asp," ".php," etc. Therefore, once the posting is outdated and no longer present on the home page, there may be no way to access it. Using a permalink to define the location of each posting prevents blog entries from fading off into oblivion.

You can get more technical details in Wikipedia''s permalink entry

How do I find my permalink?

Easy! Just click on the title of your blog post as shown below and look up, at the browser's address bar

Instead of seeing your blog’s URL you will see a URL for only that post.

While the sample blog's URL is: http://www.synthfrog.com, the permalink for that specific post is:http://www.synthfrog.com/braska-travels/2010/eye-candy/

Just highlight the whole URL and copy it by either right clicking and selecting copy or, while highlighted, click Ctrl-c (on a windows PC) or Cmd-c (on a mac).

.... and paste it in the "Link" field so the Name of the blog post and the images can be retrieved.

That's it!!!