If you are on a wordpress.com blog, you can modify the provided code so, instead of the default froggie, you can display your own image/text

How is this done?

A little HTML knowledge, goes a long way here as you can replace the image part of the code with virtually anything you like. Let’s see how this can be done for the image though:

Copy the code after selecting “Blog hosted on wordpress.com” on the first drop down in the “get script” page.
Then paste it on a notepad or simple text editor (NOT word or in general any word processor as they add junk code and you might end up ruining the code)


The highlighted pard is what we will be changing. You just need to replace the part inside the quotes, after src= in the highlighted area and you are done.

The image you put there, must already be online and publicly accessible (most probably your Google+ private pictures will not work).

The safest way to go is to upload an image to wordpress.com itself (as this is what we are talking about) and use it from there:

Go to your wordpress.com admin panel and to Media->add new and just drop the file in the “Drop here” area. Then edit the same file from the Media->library menu and at the right side of the screen you will see the “File URL” textbox:

Just copy this and paste it in our code (after the src= part and inside the quotes) like this:

And you’re done!

Just put the code in your wordpress.com blog and it is your image that will now lead to the linkup instead of the frog.

Put your own logo/button there!!